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Testimonials from Our Clients

"That treatment [Celluma LED] is worth it just to relax!" -Megan P.

"I love, love, love the new moisturizer! The best yet!!!" -Linda O.

“I didn’t know a facial could feel like this - I need it once a month! Best gift I’ve ever gotten!” – Olivia S.   

"Oh my god – I didn’t think this could ever be this way – didn’t think any products that could do this!” – Holly N.  

“This is like eating a whole bunch of chocolate at once!” – Anissa S.  

“It’s so peaceful in there!” – Linda Y.   

“My lips and my son’s lips were better in one night!” – Summer S.  

“I can’t believe my forehead wrinkles look so good! I’m so surprised!” – Amy S.  

“Wow! I’ve never seen a difference so FAST before!” – Amanda T. after receiving Chinese Medi-Facial and Vitamin C Treatment   

“I feel like I just had a three-hour nap … I feel like I’m floating!” – Jill M.  

“My wife went in for a facial and I was expecting what I suppose was my lack of knowledge or what I have seen in the past … Thinking results would be the same … And now I know the previous service from other people simply do not have an understanding as you do. She came home and her face was … Smooth … She looked 10 years younger and refreshed as though she took a long nap … Was it the hot towel after hot towel treatment with the scents and products? One and a half hours of pampering and she told me it was all about her skin … Well if anyone needs a reference you can have them reach out to me. I wish we had a before and after picture. This service(s) you offer doesn’t cost money in the meaning of “spending” … It earned her a beautiful facial and a glowing clean completion she deserves. You are a secret in Greensboro that people need to hear about.” – Michael M.  

“Thanks for all your tender care!” – Ada P.   

“I want one every week!  Everything feels tight and amazing!” – Jenni H.   

“Whatever you did to my skin–I want more! It’s looks full and youthful!” – Martha H.  

“Can you eat this stuff? It smells amazing!” – Dawn S.  

“It does look better, just like she said it would!” – Beth B.  

“I can’t stop looking at myself in the mirror!” – Kathleen L.   “I get so many compliments!” – Raya S.  

“OMGosh … it feels like someone just took my skin and tightened it!” – Lisa C.   “I’ve never seen skin change so fast like that”! – Wendi H.   

“Where are my wrinkles?” – Claudia M.  

“Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness for the facial! It was awesome and I look forward to another one … or five!” – Mandy C.  

“I was completely happy with my facial. Now I begin the products. Time will tell. Thank you for your expertise and being such a kind person. You are just as wonderful as I’ve heard all these years from Byrni.” – Judi B.  

“I am in love with your products already! Thank you! I can tell a difference in my skin in 2 days! I feel moister! I will definitely be purchasing a night moisturizer. Thanks for such great products and your expertise!” – Mil H.  

“Thank you for making us beautiful! We appreciate all of your time and care! Wish we lived here- we’d be in every week!” – Jane, Kayla, and Sara E.  

“Thanks for all your help with your skin care! I really appreciate all you do for me!” – Nance B.  

“Thank you so very much for my makeup! I am glad to have worn it for my wedding! You have helped me out so tremendously!” – Cara B. 

“My face feels really soft and is NOT flaky. Thank you SO MUCH! I look forward to more and more healing. Thank you again for your expertise and enthusiasm, which is contagious!” – Mil H.

“My acne settled right down and went away!” – Karen D.  

“I could see a difference immediately!” – Donna N.  

“I can tell I look so much brighter!” – Cindy J.  

“I loved my skin right when I walked out! I look smoother, more plump!” – Susan R.  

“OMG- I love it- I’m a believer!” – Rebecca M.  

“Can I get this everyday? My skin feels to tight!!” – Gina D. 

 “Wow! I didn’t feel any downtime! I definitely love it better!” – Korie R. 

 “I am just amazed!” -Ruth E.  

“Wow- are you kidding me?!” -Kara K.